i Can March 11-2014


To begin with we are very pleased to announce that all six Ride Canada events, Tour of BC, BC Explorer, PowerCranks Contender, Naked Challenger, Naked Pioneer and the Naked Rider’s Race have all been added to both the UMCA’s (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) racing calendar, the UltraCycling Cup and World Cup of UltraCycling  Championship Series. Rider’s from all continents compete to win annual awards and recognition as the world’s best ultra-endurance  bicycle racers.

While we actively seek more riders all races are a go this year and we have added an interesting incentive for this year’s racers.  While we cannot afford cash prizes we do have a distinguished honor for each winner in each division of each race. If you win your division, in 2015 the race will be named in your honor and you will receive a small royalty from each registration for 2015.  For example if Chris “Hoppo” Hopkinson  wins the men’s solo division of the Tour of BC, in 2015 the men’s solo race will be named the Chris Hopkinson Men’s Solo Invitational.  (A couple of minor restrictions apply) We believe that this will help rider’s with sponsorship and provide them with a unique peg to hang their helmet on. To continue reading please click on this link!