Director’s Cut

2014-PStone300The Race Director’s Cut is an eclectic collection of racing tips and advice, ultra-cycling stories and links to the same. Look here for a collection of articles that might educate and/or entertain.

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I am Perry Stone, the founder and Race Director of the Tour of British Columbia, the BC Explorer and the BC Contender. I developed these races to encourage the growth of ultra-cycling in Canada, North America and yes, the world! 

About 15 years ago I discovered this discipline of cycling and found it changed my life. I was just an ordinary person who liked to ride a bike but when I discovered ultra-cycling I realized one day about two-thirds of the way through a 14,000 kilometer “ride” that I could accomplish a whole lot more than I ever imagined or even dared to dream. I come to think of this as magic; a magic we all possess if we dare to access it.

Get involved, volunteer, race, support a racer or team of racer and discover this for yourself if you don’t know or understand it already.

I hope you enjoy my words and our efforts and I would like to hear from you. Please help us share our races with the world and tell your friends, tweet us and visit us on Facebook.

Thank you for reading and ride safe.

Perry Stone
Race Director,
Tour of British Columbia,
BC Explorer,
BC Contender
White Rock, BC
September 29, 2013

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